Advertise on MobePlace Conference Book

Advertise to qualified high value professionals without missing prospects or wasting an investment. Conference ads are time sensitive, temporary and high value. Don’t miss the windows of opportunity before, during, and after a conference to reach your prospects, customers or colleagues. MobePlace ads direct qualified traffic to your business, whether it is around the corner from a conference or the other side of the globe. MobePlace Conference Book delivers ads in an integrated, useful and entertaining way. Ads can be either fee or commission-based.


  • Global coverage. Global ads can be viewed by all conference prospects and attendees. In addition, you can segment your ads by conference community or favorites.
  • Timeliness. Conference ads are time sensitive. Ads can be displayed based on the conference lifecycle, ensuring that your message is delivered in the right window of opportunity. Planning, booking, in-session and post-conference time periods can be addressed.
  • Qualified Viewers. Professional users are not reviewing and contributing to conferences without purpose; they are motivated. Ads on MobePlace Conference Book reach qualified decision makers. And helpful ads are even more valuable when attendees are traveling to unfamiliar cities.
  • Download the Mobile Device Splash Ad Media Kit for ad details. For questions, email Conference Evangelists.