• MobePlace leverages Constant Contact’s EventSpot for attendee registration.

    With MobePlace’s Conference Book app, cloud platform and Constant Contact's EvenSpot, conference organizers have a one-stop solution; marketing, promotion, registration and conference content delivery on web or mobile.

  • Create a conference with Constant Contact EventSpot in a snap with MobePlace’s Quick Conference.

    We'll lead you through a few quick steps to create your first conference. Create conference details, such as speakers, sessions and exhibitors. Then add an agenda, EventSpot registration and you are done in a snap.

  • MobePlace’s Conference Organizer Dashboard is a your one-stop-shop for Conference and Ad Management

    Learn how our MobePlace Dashboard can walk you through creating, managing and publishing conference material and ads on the MobePlace Conference Book mobile app and the web. Combined with Constant Contact’s EventSpot registration MobePlace becomes your full feature conference marketing platform.

  • See how easy it is to create and published embedded ads in your conference app

    It is easy to create and manage advertisements to promote your conference, speakers, sessions and exhibitors. Ads can even be used for actives, such as, call for papers of other conference activities. Better yet register your attendees with an EvenSpot ad.

  • Bring it all together using EventSpot for attendee registration

    See how easy it is to multiple your marketing leverage and presence with the convince of registering attendees with Constant Contact’s EventSpot. One setup screen and you are done. It is easy, fast, and fully integrated with MobePlace Conference book and our Organizer dashboards.

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    MobePlace and Constant Contact’s EventSpot

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    Quick Conference Demo

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    Conference Organizer Dashboard

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    Setup Ads On MobePlace

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    EventSpot Registration Using MobePlace