Meeting Exhibitors & Sponsors

Have the presence on mobile devices that your business deserves. It is easy to do for individual or multiple conferences on MobePlace Conference Book.

An exhibit presence at a conference or trade show is no small investment. As an event exhibitor, your challenge is to maximize that investment by driving traffic to your booth, have meaningful interactions with colleagues, prospects and customers, and to walk away with sufficient data to support post-conference follow up activities.

When your event organizer implements MobePlace, your job just got a lot easier. MobePlace gives you the ability to deliver your message prominently and directly to the conference attendees' mobile devices - connecting you with high-value decision makers and influencers while you are at the same venue and able to meet in person.

If you are an Event Exhibitor or Sponsor who wants to leverage MobePlace Conference Book contact your event's organizer or MobePlace.