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Convention bureaus are the foundation of the MobePlace Conference Book ecosystem. Your challenges are to attract meetings to your city, state or region; to provide compelling venues and resources to your event organizers; and to highlight the best your area has to offer for meeting attendees. MobePlace can give you an edge in this competitive arena:

  • Create highly targeted messaging to perspective conference decision makers. With MobePlace Conference Book, you can reach hundreds of conference organizers and thousands of prospects and attendees.
  • Connect visitors with local resources and cultural attractions around the corner or around the globe.
  • Make it easier for venue managers and event organizers to promote conferences.
  • Leverage global and regional destination trends for your convention business.
  • Generate revenue by becoming a partner in our conference ecosystem.
  • In addition to all of the above, you help to delivering entire event programs to the event attendees' fingertips.

    Let us tell you more about MobePlace for Convention Bureaus, and how the solution can generate revenue for you and your conference organizers.

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